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-- Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy understands Nick Foles' trade value better than anybody.One year after Nagy helped spearhead the Bears' acquisition of Foles from the Jacksonville Jaguars, the veteran quarterback's name is being bandied about again as a potential trade target in light of Thursday's foot injury to Colts starter Carson Wentz.Nagy, who coached Foles -- currently the Bears' third-string quarterback -- in both Kansas City and Chicago, said such speculation comes with the territory given Foles' impressive career accomplishments.He said he "absolutely" understands why teams would be interested in Foles. He has 55 career regular-season starts and six in the postseason.Foles' current contract -- one that he reworked prior to joining the Bears last year -- carries an approximate $6.6 million salary-cap charge in 2021.The 10-year veteran opened camp behind starter Andy Dalton and first-round pick Justin Fields on Chicago's quarterback depth chart, but by all accounts he has embraced his current backup role."I would say probably 95% of people in Nick's situation would handle it completely opposite of the way he's handled it, from the time that I brought him in and told him that he was going be the third-string quarterback," Nagy said.

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