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Amazing Weight Loss Transformations 2020 - Before and After Photos

Men's Health
Ultimate Performance
Live UP

Ben Raue
Stephane Doiron
Matt Ellengold
Quantel Thomas
Yves Tigh
William Underwood
Chris Anderson
Nick Mitchell
Mike Lee


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Here are 8 incredible weight-loss transformations as told to Men's Health.Ben Raue started his fitness journey because he's passionate about the environment. I promised myself I would change my diet, eat more healthily, and it didn’t happen."After realizing his weight had increased to 240 pounds, he decided to enlist in help. Now, he loves fitness and has bulked up to 204 pounds due to his bodybuilding training."To be able to love myself, that's the true, ultimate milestone achieved to this day," he told Men's Health.Read more about Quantel's transformation. Eventually, he weighed about 240 pounds.After realizing he had high cholesterol, Tigh decided it was time to make a change.He began training at Ultimate Performance in London, where he learned more about nutrition.“Diet for me was always an issue,” he told Men's Health. “I fell out of healthy habits and started to put on a few extra pounds,” he told Men's Health.In February 2019, Underwood weighed 196 pounds, and vowed to weigh 168 by September. He used MyFitnessPal to track his daily diet, which was mostly plants and eggs.He included weight training five times per week and cardio two to three days.After eight months, Underwood lost 35 pounds, exceeding his goal.

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