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Cardio Kickboxing Is My New Favorite At-Home Workout ...

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Staying true to my brand, I went straight to the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel and turned on a 40-minute boxing and kickboxing workout with Christa DiPaolo of Boxing & Bubbles. Aside from the fact that Christa DiPaolo is toned, tough, funny, and easy to listen to, she's also relatable — cursing her way through a workout, as one does when things get hard, and understanding when she needs to slow down for her viewers. She knows when to carefully break down the moves — the punches, the jabs, the upper cuts — because cardio kickboxing routines are certainly a lot to wrap your head around when you're a newbie like I am. Soon after, I came into contact with the Obé Fitness team, learning that the company recently launched a series of cardio boxing classes, which Obé cofounder Mark Mullett says was a decision to "bring the newest trends in fitness to his global community," plus, it's a fun way to get drenched. Cardio boxing and cardio kickboxing routines, especially when accompanied by a pair of weighted gloves, are hard work mentally and physically. That's the movie where Jake Gyllenhaal is shirtless 90 percent of the time, so sure, take me there." But I'm continuing on this cardio boxing path because I finally found a workout that makes me sweat as hard as running does and also challenges me to get tough in new ways. I wanted to learn more about cardio boxing and cardio kickboxing, so I reached out to Christa DiPaolo and Obé cardio boxing instructor Alex Scolari for some fast facts.

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