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For once, I felt like I had done something important — like I might actually have a shot at looking like the models I loved to compare myself to. What I heard that day in the doctor's office only confirmed my own toxic ideas about weight loss: skinniness meant health, and fitness wasn't anything without it.A few years later I was off to college, and most of the exercise I attempted there continued to center around weight loss. I'd have a great workout and still find myself discouraged if I felt like I was gaining weight. The next morning my muscles were sore in a new way — a good way — and although I didn't initially believe that the various sets of crunches and planks would ever become easier, I was interested in the idea that a workout could mean more than just a smaller dress size.For the next month, I worked my way through different home workouts, even attempting intense HIIT exercises I used to avoid at all costs. Workouts were now something I looked forward to instead of something I dreaded, and I noticed real progress that had nothing to do with my weight.It took a few weeks of social distancing and some chaotic circumstances, but I was finally working out because I wanted to feel like my best self no matter what my body looked like externally. Going into my second month of home workouts, I'm continuing to view my health in terms of strength and nutrition, not weight loss and quick diets.

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