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Learn How to Jump Start Weight Loss with This 48-Hour Plan | Shape

Harley Pasternak
The Flexitarian Diet
Fresh Tomato & Bean Stuffed Pita
Yogurt Health Benefits
Circuit A
C. Straighten
Walking LungesA.
B.A. Interval
Chicken Vegetable Stir-Fry with
The Lose 10 Pounds

Mary Anderson
Dawn Jackson Blatner
Ramona Braganza
Jessica Alba
A. Warm-up
B. Keeping
B. Lift
DipsA. Sit
B. Bend
DumbbellsA. Sit
C. Lower
B. Lunge
C. Keeping
BicycleA. Lie
Almond Toast
Brown Rice
B. Squat
C. Lift
D. Lower
C. Tap
Lateral Shoulder



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"One pound equals 3,500 calories, so to lose a pound in two days, you'd need to eat 2,500 fewer calories"–a crash diet that no one should ever attempt.However, it is possible to start developing healthy exercise and eating habits in just two days, which is the best way to jump-start weight loss. For flavored water, you can float fresh mint in it or you can put slices of pears or grapefruit in it." (Related: The 7-Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss from 'The Biggest Loser')Blatner suggests the following menu to fuel yourself throughout the day.Breakfast: Nutty Oatmeal with Apples (roughly 300 calories)For breakfast, try hot oatmeal soaked in soy milk and topped with a diced apple. Extend arms to shoulder-width apart and extend legs, balancing on toes.B. Keeping back straight, lower body down, then push back up to starting position.Do 20 reps.Scale down: Drop knees on the ground for support.2. Lie flat on one side and extend legs straight.B. Lift the top leg, then lower it to within a few inches of–but not touching–the bottom leg.Do 20 pulses on one side, then switch.Make sure form is correct; lean body slightly forward and don't let top hip roll back. Stand with feet hip-width apart.B. Lunge right leg forward, bending left knee to about 1 inch above the floor and with the right knee bent at a 90-degree angle directly above ankle.C. Keeping weight in heels to avoid leaning forward, push off the floor with left foot and lunge  left leg forward.Do 20 walking lunges.Scale up: Go deep by twisting into the leading leg and touching the ground with opposite hand.3. Lie on a bench, holding 5- to 10-pound dumbbells in each hand.B. Start with arms extended to the ceiling.C. Bending at the elbows and keeping palms facing in, lower dumbbells to ears.Do 20 reps.4. "Spinach is a leafy green, and these contain a powerful trio of antioxidants called ACE–vitamins A, C, and E–blood builders such as iron and vitamin K, and bone builders such as calcium and magnesium," says Blatner.As far a salad ingredients go, eggs are good sources of protein that are still low in fat, which makes them great for building muscle while you lose weight. Also, compared to dry whole grains like crackers, brown rice consists of mostly water so it'll make you feel full, says Blatner. Put left knee and left hand on a bench.B. Holding a 12-pound weight in each hand (use lighter weights if this is too heavy), extend right arm straight down so the dumbbell is hanging below shoulder.C. Pull arms straight back, keeping elbow close to side.Do 20 reps.2. Stand with feet hip-width apart.B. Holding 5-pound dumbbells in each hand, curl the weights toward shoulders.Do 20 reps.4. Step forward with one leg and lean forward slightly, keeping head in a straight line with hips and keeping eyes on the ground.B. Start with a 5-pound weight in each hand, with palms facing body.C. Lift arms to shoulder height.D. Lower arms until hands are below chest.Do 20 reps.Tip: Keep arms slightly rounded by pretending to hug a tree.2. Blatner says if you keep track of what you are eating, then you'll lose twice as much weight."I do think there is an extreme value of doing a jump start for yourself.

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