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Stress may have some important cognitive benefits, new study ...

the American Psychological Association
Penn State
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Positivity     39.64%   
   Negativity   60.36%
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The body is equipped to handle small, occasional periods of stress, but researchers have linked excessive or chronic stress with a slew of negative health consequences, ranging from migraine headaches to cardiovascular problems.Despite this, there has been little research investigating the possible association between experiencing less stress and an increase in health or well-being. They also asked the participants how many positive experiences they had had within the previous 24 hours.About 10% of the participants did not report experiencing stress during the study period. A 2020 study found that in the U.S., some Black and Hispanic people may experience higher rates of stress than white people, due primarily to socioeconomic factors.Despite the challenge, these new findings could encourage more researchers to explore and better understand whether reducing stress improves health.It will probably require substantial supportive research, as well as a total shift in how society and researchers view stress, before people start to see stress as a positive event.However, Almeida says that the team’s findings may offer new insight into how to interact with and process stress, which is a largely unavoidable event for most people.

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