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The 15 Best, Breathable Face Masks To Wear While Working Out

the NYU School of Medicine
the Women’s Sports Medicine Center for NYU Langone Health
Armor’s Sportsmax
Women’s Health

Cordelia W. Carter
Jennifer Lopez
Hailey Bieber
Lily Collins
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Dr. Carter also recommends multi-layer masks over single-ply styles and says to avoid non-breathable materials like plastic or leather when exercising.One thing you should def not look for in a protective face covering? And I’d bring an extra one in case it gets wet.”Keep scrolling to shop 15 of the best masks to workout in, taking Dr. Carter’s advice into account, plus rave-reviews from users.When breath gets heavy, a structured mask, like Under Armor’s Sportsmax, is key to avoid inhaling fabric. I like wearing these while working out because they stay in place and are lightweight.” —Erin, Here’s a three-layer cotton mask that has over 5,000 reviews, many of which praise the mask’s comfort and softness. Reviewer rave: "These masks are very soft, comfortable and breathable. The adjustable straps are what’s needed, the bendable nose piece makes it great for no-fogging and I can do some intensive activity without the need to move the mask off my face for a few breaths.” —Bab, Boasting FUZE technology that includes chemical-free antibacterial fabric with UV protection and odor control, Lunair offers a range of masks from disposable styles to five-layer designers. Fits well, feel safe.” —Candace, amazon.comResembling a medical-grade mask, Maskc’s disposable three-ply design features BFE filtration and projects away from the face while securing well over the nose, mouth, and chin. Reviewer rave: “So comfortable I’m a first-grade teacher and have to wear a mask all day while still trying to be animated, teach, and be active. I can breathe very freely and easily in them, and no more panicky feeling while wearing a mask!” —Kelly, amazon.comIt’s a gamble on what print you’ll get, but Onzie’s polyester-spandex masks with elastic straps are comfortable and stretchy for active movement. Reviewer rave: “Amazing to wear during a cardio workout.” —Kayleigh, amazon.comWhether you’re a solid color, zig-zag pattern, or swirly print kind of gal, this UVshield mask will keep your face cool and protected during workouts. I like the fit.” —Pauline, dickssportinggoods.comThis two-layer moisture-wicking cotton mask is comfortable and breathable for most workouts, available in black, camel, and navy.

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