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Walking Is A Great Cardio Workout, If You Do It The Right Way



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Steve Stonehouse

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the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

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Here's what to know about why walking totally counts as cardio—plus pro tips for making it an effective part of your exercise routine.Good news for anyone out there who hates running: “Walking can definitely count as cardio,” says Stonehouse.Since cardio pretty much encompasses all low-intensity and moderate-intensity exercise, your strolls around the neighborhood, hilly hikes, and power walks all fit the bill. "With the right speeds and inclines, you could reach any of them with walking." (In fact, STRIDE often builds walking intervals into its tread workouts.) The biggest perk of getting your stroll on: 150 minutes (or two-and-a-half hours) of moderate-intensity cardio per week significantly reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, per the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. “Both walking and running will help you burn more calories," Stonehouse says. To get the most workout bang for your buck with walking, you've got to find your ideal intensity level, which is challenging but doable, Stonehouse says.“Two people could walk at the same speed and one may barely see an increase in their heart rate while the other might be a sweaty mess," he explains.

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