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23 People Who Lost 30+ Pounds Share Their Best Tips

Weight Watchers



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After a certain point it became such a routine that I felt bad if I didn't work out or eat well.Fast-forward a year a half later and I'm still working out consistently, eating better (most of the time), and have maintained my weight loss. I started at almost 260 pounds and have lost nearly 60 so far, thanks to completely restructuring my eating habits, working on my relationship with food, and utilizing a trainer at my gym. I lost 34 pounds in the first year by completely changing my diet and consistently working out with a personal trainer. I also added some at-home workouts to my routine because I wasn’t confident enough to go to a gym.Now, two years later, I’m down 30-ish pounds, eating mostly healthy, and go to OrangeTheory classes 3-4 days per week! We both went vegan a couple years ago, and we both started working out and taking better care of ourselves. I've kinda slacked off a little since then, but I am down another 10 pounds since that second picture was taken, and I'm working on getting to my goal weight.—taylorb4d858323eI lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers in five months. I lost 40 pounds overall, and I’ve never been healthier or happier.—kaylar4e2e55ce0I’ve tried every diet and exercise plan on the market, but this past year changed everything for me. Food-wise, I’ve become a lot smarter about what I was putting in my body and also started to eat smaller portions.—sarar4cf194305I've lost 30 pounds so far by doing everything in baby steps! Then I started going more and more after I found an amazing trainer and community.—andrean448799b35I’ve lost 75 pounds so far on WW after reading a BuzzFeed article about it over two years ago!

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