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3D movies are great, actually

Stephen Lambrechts
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Opinion: TechRadar's writers don't always agree – and some of us are genuinely excited for the return of 3D flicksRecently, one of my TechRadar colleagues declared that 3D movies are dead and they need to stay dead, and while he does make some interesting points, I must disagree wholeheartedly.The above article was, of course, largely spurred by the upcoming release of Avatar: The Way of Water, sequel to the 2009 science fiction action-adventure megahit which has so far earned more than $2.8 billion at the global box. Not only is 3D an experience you can't really get at home anymore, with TV manufacturers having abandoned the technology years ago, it also gives films back their event status – well-implemented 3D, in my opinion, can be enough of a reason to go see a movie at the theater rather than just wait a short while for its streaming release.Which brings us to Avatar: The Way of Water. While I can't remember what the last 3D movie I saw in a cinema was, putting these glasses on again immediately transported me back to 2009 – a time when audiences still got excited about seeing original films on the big screen. These days, people are spoilt for choice for movies to stream at home, although as discussed above, many of these streaming debuts aren't likely to inspire people to leave their homes if released theatrically.So as I sat down to watch the watch trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water, I was reminded of how exciting it was to watch the original all those years ago, and how watching it in 3D was a game-changing experience.Although the film's plot was hardly ground-breaking, treading much of the same ground as Pocahontas and Dances With Wolves, its presentation was truly revolutionary, inviting audiences to become fully immersed within a gorgeous alien world.

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