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5 more things you didn't know Google Maps could do

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This way you can individually highlight places that look interesting and share them to see who else in your group would like to tag along with you.Don’t worry, this one isn't quite as sinister as it sounds.If you’re trying to meet up with friends and you aren’t 100% sure where they are, then they can use Google Maps to share their exact location with you so you can get directions.To do this your friend just needs to open up Google Maps on their phone, tap on their Profile Picture and select Location Sharing from the menu. You’ll also be able to see their phone’s remaining battery charge.Once you’ve met up with each other location sharing can be turned off by returning to Google Maps and hitting the stop button in the bottom right corner of the Location sharing screen.On your next night out Google has you covered as Maps can you tell you the latest possible time that public transport will be able to take you home before services close for the night.To find out the time of the last train (or bus) home you need to go to Google Maps, look for directions between the two places you’re traveling between then switch over to public transport.You’ll then see Leave now next to a down arrow.

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