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5 things The Elder Scrolls 6 can improve on from Skyrim

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After all, ten years on from its release, The Elder Scrolls 6’s predecessor, Skyrim, remains one of the most-loved, and continually played role playing games of all time.But it looks like it will be some time before we find out what awaits us in The Elder Scrolls 6, given the recent revelation that the latest entry in the open world RPG series is only in “the design phase” - meaning we likely won’t get our hands on it for a few years yet.Regardless, that hasn’t stopped us from speculating about The Elder Scrolls 6 and how it could differ from its predecessors - in particular, Skyrim, the lauded last entry in the series. While it’s unlikely that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be a significantly more linear game, we hope that the developers don’t sacrifice the mystery of exploration in order to make sure more players experience all of the content. You’re already the Dragonborn that was tasked to save the world, and allowing you to basically do everything kills any sense of experiencing your unique story.Plenty of RPGs have an issue with making the player character an all powerful God that is the main character of every story, but for The Elder Scrolls VI, we hope more attention is paid to facilitating unique stories. But where Fallout 4 funnelled players towards a relatively defined role and purpose in its world, we’d hope The Elder Scrolls 6 would let a wider array of customisation options inform an equally wide array of digital lives to be led in its game world.

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