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A gamer who makes $148 a day via play-to-earn shares top 10 metaverses

Chain Gaming
Town Star
Battles V2 (
Axie Infinity
Big Time
Champion's Ascension
Guild of Guardians

Jake Browatzke
Axie Land Game
Ari Meilich

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The Walking Dead series


Gala Games

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Metaverse play-to-earn games are a relatively new concept in the gaming industry — but their popularity is booming. Jake Browatzke, an active gamer who enjoys testing out new concepts, has been dabbling in different metaverses to determine which ones pay out the most while being fun to play.He shares much of his experience on YouTube, under the account name On Chain Gaming. "If a game is not fun and everyone is playing it in order to just take out everything that they can from the game and just suck the entire economy of the game dry, if no one's actually enjoying spending time in that metaverse and no one actually wants to reinvest their money and their time in that metaverse, then it's just gonna be like a country where anyone who makes it leaves and takes the wealth out," Browatzke said.This also means that you don't want a platform in which tokens can be easily earned, because that would also lead to inflation. One of these is with AMC's The Walking Dead series, themed around survival like the TV version.Browatzke's other recommended play-to-earns on Gala Games include Mirandus and Last Expedition.Town Star is one that's already released and he's currently playing daily.

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