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Actor Danny Masterson ordered to stand trial on 3 rape charges

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The organization is likely to loom even larger at trial, where most of the witnesses will be either members or former members.In her ruling, the judge said that a church document on members not going to police about other members and allowing the institution to mediate instead, "sufficiently explains to this course the hesitancy of these women" from reporting their accusations to police for years.Appelbaum said the three women had colluded to form a "sisterhood" that "seems to want to take down Mr. Masterson and take down Scientology."Appelbaum said they had spoken to each other, at times in violation of orders, changing accounts they had initially given police."Over time their stories are becoming more similar to one another," she said. They pointed out that her testimony that Masterson threatened her with a gun hadn't appeared in an initial police report in 2004.Another woman, identified in court only as Christina B., was five years into a relationship with Masterson in 2001 when she said she woke to him raping her during the night, and fought back and got him to stop by pulling his hair.

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