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Adventurers explore ocean floor and the peak of Everest in the midst of the pandemic

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The Emden Deep
Caladan Oceanic

Victor Vescovo
Deo Florence Onda
Ada Tsang Yin-hung
Phunjo Jhangmu Lama


the Philippine Trench
the Mariana Trench
the Tonga Trench
the Emden Deep
the Arctic Ocean

Emden Deep
the Emden
Hong Kong
The Mariana Trench

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Vescovo speculated that the plastic waste likely found its way into the Emden Deep because the Philippine Trench is located along one of the most commercially traveled sea lanes, where trash is often dumped directly into the ocean."There's a sheer volume of pollution and human contamination because people often think that if they put plastic into the ocean, it'll just disappear," he said. While it was a relief and an accomplishment to reach the top in record time, Tsang said it was the humanity and kindness displayed by other climbers that she observed on her ascent and descent that touched her.She described how other climbers on the route made room for her politely and let her pass, cheering her on and providing encouragement while she forged her way forward to the summit of Everest, putting one foot in front of the other.She noted, too, the selflessness of the sherpa on her climbing team — who without hesitation shared his limited oxygen supply with another frostbitten sherpa they came across who had lost consciousness on the descent."It was these rescues on the mountain that moved me. Vescovo and Tsang have explored the extremes of the Earth, but they both seem to agree on one thing — that even in the harshest conditions, the world has much to offer."Everest humbles you and teaches you the important lesson of knowing the extent of your abilities. Meanwhile, Vescovo hopes to explore much more of the ocean."We forget how connected we are to the ocean and how much more there is to learn," he said."A major objective I have is to advance deep ocean tech more intensively, to the point where the oceans can be made accessible.

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