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After the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has two more foldable smartphones coming

Galaxy Fold
the Galaxy Fold
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The Galaxy Fold
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The company is reportedly tackling three different foldable form factors.Of course, the furthest along in development is the Galaxy Fold, which has a foldable screen on the inside of the device when it is closed. Until Corning gets its act together with flexible glass, these folding displays need a plastic cover, and the inside-display form factor has an advantage since, when closed, the display is protected from scratches.Bloomberg reports that Samsung has a second device in the works that "folds away from the user similar to Huawei Technologies Co.’s Mate X." Huawei's Mate X and Oppo's prototype have the folding display on the outside of the device, like a skin that wraps around the entire phone. Bloomberg notes that with only one screen, this device will be thinner than the Galaxy Fold, which is a whopping 17mm thick when closed.For a third form factor, Bloomberg reports that Samsung is working on a "vertically folding phone." We imagine this would look like an old-school flip phone, just with the inside being all display. Bloomberg claims Samsung is still dealing with durability issues with the folding display, saying the company is "trying to eliminate a crease that appears on the panel after it has been folded about 10,000 times." The report says that Samsung is even considering free screen replacements for the Fold if the display continues to be a problem.From a durability perspective, Samsung picked one of the harshest form factors for its first foldable device.

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