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Another Year, Another Large Wildfire Started by PGE |

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In 2019, Sumeet Singh, vice president of PG&E’s community wildfire safety program, estimated that it could take 10 to 14 years for PG&E to finish updating about 7,100 miles of power lines in high fire risk areas, and 8 years to improve vegetation management on 25,000 miles of lines in high-risk areas.Long-term widespread power outages cost businesses and people billions of dollars. PG&E could forego profits for a year to fix all those problems and could spend 1-2% to stay on top of the proper inspection of the equipment.Climbing inspections were required according to PG&E owns rules. Timely replacement of the hook could have prevented ignition of the Camp Fire according to the CPUC report (Report is 259 megabytes and over 696 pages).In 2018-2019, PG&E has finally inspected some 50,000 transmission towers and structures, 700,000 distribution poles and 222 substations — covering more than 5,500 miles of transmission line and 25,200 miles of distribution line in high fire-threat areas. failed to adequately inspect and maintain its transmission lines for years according to a 696-page report by the California Public Utility Commission.PG&E and California need to stop building any renewables until they finish all power line maintenance.

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