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Believe Mitch McConnell: Republicans Will Never Confirm Another Democrat-Appointed Supreme Court Justice

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To that end, a GOP-controlled Senate will never again confirm a Democratic president’s Supreme Court nominee. Never.McConnell played slightly coy when discussing the possibility of a Supreme Court confirmation in 2023, telling Hewitt: “Well, we’d have to wait and see what happens.” But anyone who seriously believes a Republican-controlled Senate would confirm a Biden nominee that year—or even hold hearings on one—is deluding themselves. McConnell’s approach to judicial confirmations reflects two core principles of the modern GOP: first, that only the federal judiciary can impose key items in the Republican Party platform that are too unpopular to pass through the democratic process; and second, that only conservative judges faithfully apply the Constitution, whereas liberals make it up as they go along.A daily email update of the stories you need to read right now.Thanks for signing up! The Republican-controlled Senate confirmed just two of President Barack Obama’s nominees to the federal courts of appeals in his final two years. In light of this track record, it seems extremely unlikely that McConnell will confirm any of Biden’s nominees to the federal appeals courts if Republicans take the Senate in 2022.

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