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Biden awards Korean War vet Medal of Honor as South Korea's president takes part

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And the people of the Republic of Korea haven't forgotten as evidenced by the fact that the prime minister of Korea is here for this ceremony," Biden said, mistaking Moon's title.Biden spoke to Puckett's service beyond the Korean War, praising the Army Ranger for his leadership and noting how he let it be known in 2015, when the military was considering opening all combat positions to women, that he supported the move."He leads from the front. And that's how Rangers lead, that's how you lead," he continued, looking to Puckett.Puckett, who entered the room in a wheelchair, pushed his walker aside and stood at attention next to Biden as the citation detailing his bravery was read.After a few minutes, when it seemed like Puckett appeared to have trouble standing on his own, Biden locked arms with him to help him stand, appearing to whisper to him, "You're holding me up."Once Biden bestowed the medal on Puckett, he asked his extended family to come up for photos and invited Moon to jump in for a shot as well, with both men kneeling down on either side of Puckett's wheelchair.On Nov. 25, 1950, then-1st Lt. Ralph Puckett Jr. exposed himself multiple times to danger to allow his company to find and destroy enemy positions during an attack that would leave him gravely injured and nearly cost him his right foot.Puckett initially received a Distinguished Service Cross for his actions on "Hill 205," as he led the 8th U.S. Army Ranger Company.

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