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Biden says he's "not sure" about voting bills' future after Sinema reiterates opposition to rule change

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After the session, a White House official said only that, "The President hosted Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema at the White House tonight for a candid and respectful exchange of views about voting rights." Sinema said she continues to support the legislation and emphasized the need to prohibit states from restricting voting access, but said such change cannot come at the cost of further division. "But I'm not sure."Manchin said the president gave a "wonderful speech," while Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Senate Democrats are "going to do everything we can to pass these two bills." In a speech in Atlanta on Tuesday, the president said publicly for the first time that he supports nixing the filibuster for the voting bills. "This is about fundamentally changing the fabric, the fence that the Senate provides by having the filibuster in place to make sure that we don't have the dramatic swings from administration to administration, from majority to minority, [from] Republican to Democratic, and that we keep the ship sort of going in the right direction and working together at the same time."White House press secretary Jen Psaki didn't say whether the White House has identified more executive actions the president can and plans to take, pointing out the president signed an executive order early on in his presidency to promote voting rights.

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