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Billie Eilish Tells Us About Her Spotify Pop-Up, Sampling The Office, And Ending Her Album With 'An RIP'

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Also, it's about strange addictions, and The Office is mine, so."The sign on the outside of this room described the feel of it as "very creepy, like you don't even want to go inside." That definitely rang true as soon as you stepped in and saw the large white bed that guests are encouraged to crawl under. It basically felt like stepping inside a giant aquarium; fish swam across the screens, a bubble machine was cranked all the way up, and it smelled like plastic toys.As our guide explained, Billie wanted this room to feel dim, muted, and heavenly; evoking the feeling of when you're on an airplane and you get the itch to go sit on the fluffy clouds you see outside your window. The room did, in fact, feel like a big cozy cloud; the floor was covered with white pillows, and the walls projected a gorgeous pastel sunset.If you've ever wanted to step inside Billie's bedroom, this is probably as close as you're going to get. Her bedroom at home is covered with personal thoughts and lyrics, our guide explained, and the red-lit room for "i love you" flips that idea by letting fans write messages to Billie on a tablet about how she's inspired them.The Experience ends on a sweet, no-frills note, with a short maze that you walk through to get to the end.

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