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Breonna Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker said officer told him it was "unfortunate" he wasn't shot

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Breonna Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker said the pair had been watching a movie in bed when police raided the apartment as part of a narcotics investigation, and shot Taylor dead. But I assume that's what war probably sounds like," he said.Three officers combined fired 32 shots into the apartment, with "bullets coming in every direction," Walker said.He had been holding Taylor's hand during the gunfire when he heard her scream."I pulled her down to the ground. "Only reason I'm even out here is because only way for her to get help in there is for me to be out here."Body camera footage from that night shows Walker outside with police, telling them he and Taylor were scared and did not know who was at the door. Rather than being taken to the police station, the car pulled over in what Walker calls "a random parking lot." He said they were met with an unmarked car and a plainclothes officer, who addressed him in a tone that was "way different" than the officers at the scene.The officer told Walker there had been a "miscommunication." He asked him if there was anything Walker needed. If I didn't live, you probably wouldn't even know about Breonna Taylor," he said.Asked what he wants the world to know about Breonna Taylor now, Walker answered that "she would have done anything for anybody.""She took care of a lot of people," he said.

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