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BTS's Map Of The Soul: 7 Is The Perfect Playlist For Your Journey To Self-Acceptance

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Skool Luv Affair
Namjoon Kim
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Jungkook, Jin
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The Map of the Soul era
Bangtan Sonyeondan


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That's the power of BTS: No matter where you are on the road to acceptance, members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have a relatable song for you.Below, see which playful bop, empowered anthem, or wistful track you should listen to based on your current mood.Listen to it when you're feeling: contemplative about your futureKey lyric: "The 'me' that I want myself to be / The 'me' that people want me to be / The 'me' that you love / And the 'me' that I create"As the intro, "Persona" isn't just an energetic meditation on Jungian philosophy — the lyrics of which set up the foundation of the record's emphasis on persona, shadow, and ego — but it's also RM at his most introspective, pondering "who the hell am I?" over a sample of the group's 2014 song "Intro: Skool Luv Affair." The leader and rapper confronts the many versions of himself that he presents to the world while reckoning with the person he's always been: Namjoon Kim.Listen to it when you're feeling: content and present / like you need to dance in the middle of the streetKey lyric: "One after another ay, ay, everything is special ay, ay / The things you’re interested in, the way you walk or talk, and every little trivial habit of yours"That cup of coffee in the morning, that extra scoop of ice cream, hearing a certain song on the radio — sometimes the things that make us the happiest are life's small moments that, at the time, seem insignificant. (The song's Korean title roughly translates to "A Poem for the Small Things.")Listen to it when you're feeling: like you need to tell someone how much they mean to youKey lyric: "This eternal night with no end in sight / It's you who gifted me the morning"The relationship between BTS and their fans, called ARMY, isn't some kind of one-sided devotion. From members Jungkook, Jin, and J-Hope, this track is one of the album's more somber moments — a glimpse into the life of someone who is just going through the motions looking for a "remedy that will make my heart beat again." But BTS has never been afraid to get vulnerable, and the feelings of self-doubt that creep into these lyrics hint at the shadows to come.Listen to it when you're feeling: in the mood to party/create somethingKey lyric: "Art at this level is over-drinking, over-drinking yeah / The new record is the fight against oneself, a fight yeah"For BTS, even a drinking song takes on a deeper meaning. On the moody, pensive interlude track, rapper Suga, known for his furious flow and astute observations, comes to an understanding with his shadow as he grapples with the fear that comes with this maelstrom of fame and success.Listen to it when you're feeling: like you need to remember that your art/self has valueKey lyric: "Nothing can devour me / I shout out with ferocity"In the seven years since their debut, the group has matured from seven youths hellbent on disrupting the system into seven young men who know the value of self-love but still struggle to practice it. The duo bring their different styles into this fun, dynamic mix — Suga, a vicious wordsmith, and RM, a modern philosopher — while commenting on how "respect" loses its meaning when it's thrown around carelessly.Listen to it when you're feeling: like you want to cry and never want to stop crying???Key lyric: "We were only seven / But we have you all"A sentimental throwback to their humble roots (the title is a reference to their 2013 song), "We Are Bulletproof : the Eternal'' encapsulates the entire journey of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

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