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Business Lobby: Amnesty Is Good for CEOs and Government

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These ICE audits have taken millions of people off of payrolls and dumped them into the underground economy where they’re working for cash and not paying taxes.The fix is “an adult DACA: We know it works because it works for 800,000 people,” said Marek, who has long complained about the No-match letters.“This is crony capitalism … business partnering with government to increase its profits [by cutting Americans’ wages] while dumping the costs on taxpayers,” responded Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies. Bush — and dodges the question of whether the United States should adopt a two-tier society of citizens exploiting powerless foreign workers.The video did not mention that companies are free to hire employees away from other companies by offering higher wages and benefits.This video sympathy helped Marek and other speakers to offer progressives and government employees a share of the potential benefits from the mass amnesty of illegal migrants.“We think over half of the undocumented are uninsured,” said Ken Janda, an adjunct professor of healthcare management at Rice University. “I worry about all these kids [of illegal migrants] that could be tremendous economic assets for us … they’re always going to be underperforming.”“Our legal immigration system has failed for years to keep up with the demand of our economy,” said Ali Noorani, the president of the National Immigration Forum.”Since there are very few legal pathways for people to enter the country, [migrants] make a decision to overstay a visa, to enter without inspection and hence, we’re faced with this population of unauthorized immigrants.”The video ignored the impact of the cheap-labor migrant workforce on the employment and income of American workers. Now, the subcontractor can circumvent paying them as an hourly wage and are now being paid by 1099, which means that no taxes are being taken out.Marek’s pitch to progressives is “the latest example of employers trying to globalize the American labor market so they can hire anybody they want from abroad and break the bargaining position of American workers,” said Krikorian.

As said here by Neil Munro