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Carrie Coon hopes audiences can 'escape into' eerie marriage drama <em>The Nest</em>


Carrie Coon
Sean Durkin
Jude Law
Tracy Letts


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Sundance Film Festival

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While the film debuted to acclaim at this year&apos;s Sundance Film Festival in January, its characters&apos; feelings of isolation and ambivalent relationship to their abode have since gained added resonance thanks to our months-long quarantine."I hope it will be something that people find some escape into, and that they can relate to it, as opposed to not wanting to see it because it seems so close to their own personal lives," Coon says with a laugh.With The Nest hitting theaters Friday, the actress spoke to EW about preparing for the film while raising a baby, bringing her stage training to screen acting, and &apos;80s dance moves.ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it about this film that attracted you to it?CARRIE COON: Well, firstly, it was offered to me. That was a really gratifying way to work.Can you talk more about that — how much do you draw on your stage experience for a film like this?When the camera is set so far away from the actors, as it is in Sean&apos;s visual vocabulary for this particular film, you do often feel like you&apos;re on a stage; the camera is seeing a lot of your body. And Sean would always allow us to do another take if we didn&apos;t feel like we got something, even though we were on a limited amount of time. I had to just trust that process in a way that I haven&apos;t had to before, because I had luxurious time to delve psychologically into all of my characters, and I just can&apos;t do that anymore because I have a toddler.Is it difficult to come at a role like this, which is so psychological, when you haven&apos;t had as much time to really dig into it?I think any actor would say, "I would always like a little more time to prepare," but that&apos;s just not the way the business works. So I did have some schemas for Allison&apos;s relationship, but ultimately it comes down to what&apos;s on the page.Do you think being married to a very prestigious playwright [Tracy Letts] also influences your choice to consider writing first?Yes, because I&apos;ve actually worked on his writing, and I know what it&apos;s like to play a well-written woman, and it makes my job infinitely easier.

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