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CBS Falsely Claims Don Jr. Promoted Polygamous Sect Member's Rifle Co.

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Good shooting today @donaldjtrumpjr , we'll catch you again on the next one😉#deserttech #tomorrowsweapons #hti #375CTA post shared by DesertTech (@desert_tech) on Jul 24, 2020 at 8:29pm PDTWhile Trump Jr. was shooting the rifles, and pictures of him do appear on the company’s Instagram page, his spokesman Andy Surabian said there is no way the president’s son was promoting the company and that he did not even know the owner before spending an hour shooting at the range.“Don routinely gets offers from 2nd amendment enthusiasts from around the country to go shooting and it’s not uncommon for him to take them up on those offers when he’s able to,” Surabian said in a statement, and continued:He had never met the owner of Desert Tech prior to going shooting with him, has no personal relationship with him, only spoke to him about shooting and CBS has no reporting to suggest that he did anything besides spend an hour or so on the gun range with the owner of a prominent gun company, yet they have decided to dredge up allegations from this man’s private life in a pathetic and transparent attempt to smear by association the President’s eldest son.Interestingly, as Surabian noted on Twitter, CBS News cut off Surabian’s full statement that referenced how the network has totally and completely ignored former Democrat President Bill Clinton’s associations with Jeffrey Epstein.“It says a lot about CBS News’s priorities that they would commit two investigative reporters to this nonsense, while still not having written a single story on their website about an alleged victim of known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein claiming that she saw former President Bill Clinton at Epstein’s infamous ‘pedophile island,’” Surabian said in the part of the quote that CBS News decided to cut from the article.Surabian also tweeted in response to the CBS article that it was a “gutter level smear.”Dishonest gutter level smear by @CBSNews.

As said here by AWR Hawkins