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In the wake of the new guidance from the health agency, the White House lifted its own mask requirement for fully vaccinated staff.While the new guidance from the CDC was largely celebrated, it did bring some confusion, as the agency said last month Americans who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus were still safer wearing masks in crowded outdoors settings and inside.Fauci said three factors drove the change from health officials: an accumulation of data showing the "real-world effectiveness" of the vaccines, which are more than 90% effective in protecting against disease; new studies showing the vaccines protect against the new coronavirus variants; and information showing it's unlikely a vaccinated person who becomes infected witch the coronavirus transmits it to someone else."The accumulation of all of those scientific facts, information and evidence brought the CDC to make that decision to say now when you're vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask, not only outdoors, but you don't need to wear it indoors," he said.Fauci said he expects the CDC will release more specific guidance in the coming weeks about the need for mitigation measures for fully vaccinated people in particular settings, like the workplace.While there is the possibility that people who have been vaccinated can test positive for the coronavirus, as evidenced by the eight vaccinated members of the New York Yankees who contracted the virus, Fauci said the likelihood of it spreading is "very, very low.""What the issue is, is that the level of virus in your nasal pharynx, which is correlated with whether or not you were going to transmit it to someone else, is considerably lower," he said.

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