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Changing the NFL playoffs format would make the postseason even better

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It is a sportswriter’s prerogative — and also their duty – not to sit blithely by and noddingly accept institutional changes to the sports we love without a thorough examination.Yet as the National Football League seeks to usher through an alteration to the playoff format that will give the postseason a significantly different look moving forwards, I’m struggling to find a flaw in it.I was primed and ready to pick holes in the NFL’s proposal to add two extra teams to the playoffs, one from each conference, and thereby insert a pair of additional games into Wild Card weekend.A post shared by NFL on FOX (@nflonfox) on Feb 19, 2020 at 4:19pm PSTI was prepared to disseminate all the problems with what I believe will be the bigger and more noticeable shift in how the league looks from this point on — the other being a change to include a 17th game on the regular season schedule that we will get used to pretty quickly.But the fact is this: I like the new playoff look. “The (extra) games …”Gottlieb was referring to the reality that under the new system, only the top seed in each conference would receive a first-round bye, meaning that they alone would need two wins in order to reach the Super Bowl and every other team would need three."From a playoff perspective, it disproportionally rewards that No. 1 seed.

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