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Chiefs, Bucs, 49ers flex their muscles on wild-card Sunday

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Based on watching the Niners’ demolition of the Cowboys on Sunday, the team’s "bully ball" tactics built on toughness and physicality could make them a difficult matchup for opponents going forward.As a dominant running team with a creative, zone-based scheme that requires every player on the field to mix it up like a grappler, the Niners pummel opponents with a "3 yards and a cloud of dust" approach that tests the toughness, courage and discipline of defenders. Defensively, the Niners control the line of scrimmage with a disruptive defensive line that enables the unit to play a variety of zone coverages that feature seven or eight defenders eyeballing the quarterback and potential pass-catchers floating through zones.The combination of a dominant running game and a hard-hitting defense is a recipe for championship success, and the Niners’ old-school playing style could enable them to run the table if they are able to play on their terms. If the Niners are able to control the game with their defensive line in the next round and punish receivers with big hits on the perimeter, the "Faithful" might see their squad make its way to the NFC Championship.Patrick Mahomes rediscovers his magicThe four-time Pro Bowler has not played MVP-caliber football for most of this season, but he has quietly found his groove heading into the playoffs, and that makes the Chiefs one of the most dangerous teams in the tournament.Against the Steelers, Mahomes put up a 400-yard game with five scores while distributing the ball to eight receivers.

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