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China set to send first crew to new space station Thursday

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Despite that, foreign science missions and possibly foreign astronauts are expected to visit the Chinese station in the future, China Manned Space Agency Assistant Director Ji Qiming told reporters at Jiuquan.“Outer space is the common wealth of people all over the world, and exploring the universe is the shared cause of all mankind,” Ji said.“We are willing to carry out international cooperation and exchanges with all countries and regions worldwide that are committed to the peaceful use of outer space,” Ji said, adding that existing cooperation is being expanded with countries including Russia, Italy and Germany along with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.“I believe that in the near future, when the Chinese space station is complete, we will see Chinese and foreign astronauts taking on joint missions to the Chinese space station,” Ji said.Ji conceded the construction of the Chinese station had come “relatively late,” but said that was also an advantage because it allowed China to use the latest technologies and concepts, particularly in the areas of reliability and safety.“Exploring the vast universe, developing space activities, building a powerful space nation is our unremitting space dream," Ji said.“The construction and operation of China's space station will raise our technologies and accumulate experience for all the people.

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