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Community residents outraged over '40 Ounce' water bottle packaging: 'It?s offensive'

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Residents and activists say the packaging looks too much like a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor and has the potential to promote alcoholism to children.Ounce Water, founded by “Sons of Anarchy” star Theo Rossi and his wife Meghan McDermott in 2015, has prompted backlash from a Brooklyn, N.Y., community over its packaging.Brooklyn residents, along with Breukelen Rise, an activist group that serves at-risk youth and their families, took issue with the 40 Ounce Water package — which is designed to look like a bottle of malt liquor.The group feels the shape of the bottle perpetuates negative stereotypes about black communities, as well as has the potential to promote alcoholism among children.STARBUCKS CUSTOMERS GET INTO FIGHTS OVER LIMITED-EDITION CAT PAW MUG“That history is of high alcohol content, cheap liquors that were sold and heavily promoted through rap music and all kinds of marketing and entertainment,” community member Christine Gilliam told Yahoo Lifestyle.

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