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Converging on Convergence PureOS is Convergent, Welcome to the Future ? Purism



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The two big mobile OS vendors have been dreaming of convergence between laptop OS and mobile OS for a long time; dreaming of being able to make the same application code execute, and operate, both on mobile phones and laptops – adapting the applications to screen size and input devices.Purism is beating the duopoly to that dream, with PureOS: we are now announcing that Purism’s PureOS is convergent, and has laid the foundation for all future applications to run on both the Librem 5 phone and Librem laptops, from the same PureOS release.Purism has one convergent operating system, PureOS. These CPUs are, consequently, designed differently for their different uses, and you often have to “port” or cross-compile software for it to work well on both CPUs. By basing PureOS on a solid, foundational operating system – one that has been solving this performance and run-everywhere problem for years – means there is a large set of packaged software that “just works” on many different types of CPUs.Purism’s PureOS showcasing adaptive convergent design in a Web Browser — notice as the window subtly resizes the buttons in the application’s header shift to the footer, for a mobile friendly interface. The above example is already built into the master branch of GNOME Web as a class-based modification to the existing code, allowing it to easily adjust and adapt to the screen size and inputs of both mobile and desktop.Multiple architectures are not enough to reach convergence however – as most people know by now, there are many important parts in getting true convergence.

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