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We'll continue to update this page as the situation develops, so be sure to check back.Delta suspended its direct flights to China earlier this month, with low demand making the operation of the flights commercially unfeasible.For anyone whose flights were not affected (for instance, passengers booked on Delta but transiting with a partner airline through another country), Delta has issued a travel waiver, allowing passengers to change flights without a fee, or cancel them altogether.On Wednesday, Delta added Seoul-Incheon Airport, South Korea to the travel waiver.Delta also issued a travel waiver for travel to certain cities in Italy, where a new outbreak of coronavirus was recently identified.Passengers who choose to cancel their flights won't get a refund — instead, they can apply the value of their ticket to a new flight within a year.If a passenger's flight is cancelled by Delta, the airline will reach out with instructions, including how to claim a refund.If the travel waiver applies to your itinerary, you can change or cancel your flight by visiting the "My Trips" section of Delta's website, clicking on "Modify Flight," and choosing the relevant option.The full China and South Korea travel waiver applies for travel scheduled between January 24 and April 30. The travel waiver applies for passengers scheduled to fly to, from, or through:American Airlines similarly cancelled its flights to China as demand fell, tentatively planning to resume flying in late-April.For passengers scheduled on flights that were still operating, or who were flying to certain other affected areas, the airline has issued a series of travel waivers.Travelers to mainland China and Hong Kong can change their flights, postpone travel, or cancel their tickets without a change or cancellation fee.Those traveling to Seoul, South Korea can change or delay their flights, but will still have to pay cancellations fees if they decide to call the trip off altogether.

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