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Coronavirus: China announces jump in death toll in Wuhan, China

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Beijing has dismissed claims that there has been any kind of cover-up.For weeks, rumors of more victims in China have been fueled by pictures of long lines of people waiting to collect ashes of cremated relatives and reports of thousands of urns stacked at a funeral home waiting to be filled."In the early stage, due to limited hospital capacity and the shortage of medical staff, a few medical institutions failed to connect with local disease control and prevention systems in a timely manner, which resulted in delayed reporting of confirmed cases and some failures to count patients accurately," state media cited an unidentified Wuhan official as saying.President Donald Trump made accusations of both mishandling and a cover-up of the outbreak by the World Health Organization and China during an announcement that the U.S. would halt funding to the international health agency Tuesday.This site is protected by recaptcha Privacy Policy | Terms of ServiceOn Wednesday, Trump reiterated his doubts over the accuracy of China's numbers while also saying he was looking into an unverified theory that the infection originated in a Chinese laboratory.French President Emmanuel Macron has said he shared skepticism about China's apparently swift success in controlling the spread of the virus within its borders."Let’s not be so naive as to say it’s been much better at handling this," Macron said in an interview with the British newspaper the Financial Times on Thursday.

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