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LiveCoronavirus pandemicThe victimsRemembering those we've lostSign UpCNN's coronavirus newsletterBy Helen Regan, Jenni Marsh, Laura Smith-Spark, Fernando Alfonso III and Amir Vera, CNNFrom CNN’s Sarah BoxerA total of 995 patients have been treated at the Javits Convention Center field hospital in New York since it opened at the end of March, according to Northwell Health spokesman Terry Lynam.Of those 995 patients, 254 remain hospitalized, Lynam said.About 172 patients have been treated on the USNS Comfort since the ship arrived in New York Harbor on March 30, Lynam said, and 63 patients remain on board.From CNN's Laura LyNew York Mayor Bill de Blasio called on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to work better with the New York Police Department on social distancing and monitoring the number of people that can be on each car.His comments Sunday came after he was asked about some city council members urging the governor to shut down the subways to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The mayor also said he doesn’t know another way people could get around if trains were shut down.MTA spokesman Shams Tarek released a statement Sunday saying "even with subway ridership down more than 90 percent, we are making it possible for doctors, nurses, first responders, grocery and pharmacy workers, and other essential personnel to get to work and save lives."Tarek also said "MTA has led the nation in its efforts to protect its employees and customers, disinfecting its stations and full fleet of rolling stock and even breaking away from federal guidance and providing hundreds of thousands of masks to our heroic workforce before the CDC recommended it.”From CNN's Luke McGee and Nada Bashir A UK government spokesman has refuted wide-ranging claims made by The Sunday Times in a damning article that criticizes the government’s early response to the coronavirus pandemic, arguing Sunday that the article contains a “series of falsehoods" that "misrepresent" the government's actions."The Prime Minister has been at the helm of the response to this, providing leadership during this hugely challenging period for the whole nation," the statement added. The spokesman’s response comes after Cabinet minister Michael Gove acknowledged that -- as reported by the Sunday Times -- Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not attend five national security COBR meetings focused on coronavirus in January and February.According to the government’s spokesman, it is "entirely normal and proper" for such meetings to be chaired by the relevant secretary of state, as opposed to the Prime Minister.

As said here by By <a href="/profiles/helen-regan">Helen Regan</a>, <a href="/profiles/jenni-marsh-profile">Jenni Marsh</a>, <a href="/profiles/laura-smith-spark">Laura Smith-Spark</a> and <a href="/profiles/fernando