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'Crazy fast' Tesla Model S Plaid is now on roads, and it plays PS5-level games

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It's the first production car to hit 0-60mph in under two secondsThe Tesla Model S Plaid is officially the latest electric car to hit roads, after the official delivery event took place in Fremont, California on June 10, with 25 cars passed to their new owners.Tesla boasts that the Model S Plaid offers huge improvements over the original Model S, with the latest generation of the firm's flagship electric vehicle having broken the sub-two second 0-60mph barrier.Tesla CEO, Elon Musk noted that no production car has ever done 0-60mph in under two seconds before, with the "crazy fast" Plaid's official time recorded at 1.99 seconds. The car can pair with your smartphone, sensing you as you approach which unlocks the doors, and once inside there' no start/stop button - the car is ready to drive right away - something we've experienced already in the Polestar 2.Rear seat passengers haven't been forgotten either, with a smaller display between the two front seats for them, plus another two smartphone wireless charging pads in the fold-down center arm rest.The Model S Plaid also features a powerful 22-speaker, 920 Watts sound system and special acoustic glass to keep outside noise to a minimum inside the cabin.If this seems like an awful lot for one package, you're not wrong, and the Tesla Model S Plaid price reflects the level of performance and technology this electric car offers.The Tesla Model S Plaid price starts at a staggering $129,990 / £118,980 / AU$186,990 (the standard Model S starts at $79,990 / £83,980 / AU$129,990), and goes up to $148,990 / £134,680 / AU$262,663 if you add premium paint, wheels, interior finish and full self-driving mode.You can watch back the Tesla Model S Plaid delivery event belowSign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals!Thank you for signing up to TechRadar.

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