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Dems edge closer to giving GOP a border vote as a price for Covid aid

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Link CopiedTwo Senate Democratic leaders say they are willing to give Republicans a vote on reversing President Joe Biden’s move to end pandemic-era border restrictions, provided that the GOP then agrees to move a stalled $10 billion coronavirus aid deal.It’s a notable shift in Democratic strategy, weeks after the Covid aid package was sidetracked amid Republican demands for an amendment vote on Biden’s decision to lift the public health-related border restrictions. When asked about a Title 42 vote Tuesday, Schumer reiterated that Republicans “should not be blocking Covid legislation,” adding that “we don’t even know if they want to pass it.” He said that once the House passes a pandemic aid package, “we’ll do everything we can to get Covid legislation passed.”Democrats are unsure whether they could defeat an amendment on the issue that requires 60 votes to pass, but Murray said she supported holding a vote to unstick the Senate floor: “All I know is, we need to get Covid funding done.”Biden’s decision to end the policy is splitting the Democratic caucus. But Title 42 has nothing to do with coronavirus [aid], and from my perspective, if Republicans want to play with the nation’s health security, they should pay a price for it,” said Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), who warned that Democrats should not fall for what he called Republicans’ “political trap.” He also predicted Democrats would likely lose an immigration vote on the Senate floor.Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has made clear that Senate Republicans will insist on the amendment vote before agreeing to move forward on a Covid aid package, even as the courts hold up the Biden administration’s decision ahead of its scheduled May 23 reversal of the policy.

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