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DeWayne Craddock, a longtime Virginia Beach employee, identified as shooter who killed 12 in city building

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At Virginia Beach, his name appeared as a point of contact on community releases about local utility projects that would affect neighborhoods.On a quiet cul-de-sac where Craddock lived, several neighbors talked of having spare conversations with him and recalled him as a man who tended to keep to himself.Amanda Archer, 22, and Cassetty Howerin, 23, said they were shocked to learn the man who lived directly above them was named as the shooter.Craddock was a quiet, reserved man, they said, who rarely spoke to them as they passed outside their gray duplex.Archer said Craddock was normally gone early Monday through Thursday, but often had a later start on Friday.Archer was a bit surprised, she said, when she saw him sitting in his white Subaru, staring straight ahead about 6:45 a.m. Friday as she headed to work.“It was one of those things were I thought I could wave, say, ‘Hey, have a nice day,’ but I know he’s kind of to himself and doesn’t really care for people to be all up in his face,” Archer said. I would see him sometimes but he never said anything.”Craddock never spoke to him but the teenager would often see his wife walking the dogs as he stepped off the bus after school.“The beagle would always come up to me every day and lick me,” Thornton said.The couple appeared to have separated about three years ago, with the dogs no longer at the house, neighbors said.Neighbor Christian Coble, 30, said he had met Craddock a couple of times while taking out the trash and remembered him because Coble’s father’s name also is Dewayne.“He said he worked for the city,” Coble said, calling Craddock “humble” and “average.”“He seemed like an all right dude,” he said.

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