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Elizabeth Warren?s Sprint to Make up for Lost Time in Iowa

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Warren organizers had even set up a table right outside the front door of a Buttigieg town hall at Simpson College in suburban Indianola on Tuesday, aiming to pick up undecided Iowans, and her in-state allies were happily surprised when she won the mock caucus held at Drake University in Des Moines, given Sanders’ dominance among young voters.But Warren likely couldn’t afford any kind of disappointing finish in Iowa, and Buttigieg and Joe Biden had both been blanketing the state while the senators were back east. In Indianola on Sunday, Warren thanked all the other candidates who’d run, casting her net for potential supporters as wide as possible.Aiming to maximize her presence in the areas where she was likely to pick up the most delegates — liberal suburbs and big cities, mostly — she also for the first time abandoned the famous hours-long post-event photo lines that have long dominated her time on the trail, instead only taking pictures with families who’d brought small children, and promising that her golden retriever, Bailey, would stay for selfies with anyone who wanted them.Saving that time, she gathered some of the biggest crowds of her entire Iowa campaign — 700 in Cedar Rapids, soon followed by 900 in Iowa City on Saturday, then 500 in Ames on Sunday. The final crowd totaled 1,100, far more than either Sanders or Buttigieg had drawn in the same building earlier in the week.Amid all the evidence that her final tear through the state was at least sparking Iowans’ interest as the weekend ripped along, Warren’s mild annoyance with having been kept away leaked further into the open. — the much-respected pollster behind the survey — and its partners were unable to confirm the extent of the problem, so it’s still unclear if this was an isolated incident.2016 ForeverRep. Rashida Tlaib, a prominent surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders, said Saturday that she regretted booing Hillary Clinton onstage at a Sanders campaign event the night before, as tensions between supporters of Sanders and Clinton rise just days before the Iowa caucuses.“In this instance, I allowed my disappointment with Secretary Clinton’s latest comments about Senator Sanders and his supporters get the best of me.

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