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<em>Extraction</em> star Chris Hemsworth on reuniting <em>Avengers</em> team for action extravaganza

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Written by Endgame filmmaker Joe Russo and directed by Chris Evans’ former Captain America stunt double Sam Hargrave (who was also Endgame’s second-unit director), the action extravaganza stars Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary with emotional and physical scars who is sent to India to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned crime lord.Ahead of Extraction&apos;s release on April 24, EW chatted with Hemsworth and Hargrave about getting the Avengers band back together, taking on the punishing action, and delivering some much-needed entertainment.ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did Extraction come together as you were filming the Avengers films?SAM HARGRAVE: I had read Joe&apos;s script probably six or seven years ago, when it was under a different title. A lot of stunt guys shoot impressive action without a purpose — outside of looking cool — whereas Sam was a storyteller, and I knew that would translate.How would you describe your relationship before this?HARGRAVE: Our relationship began when I met Chris on the first Avengers movie, where I was doubling Chris Evans as Captain America, and he and I had some action scenes together and we got on well. Part of what my background allows me to bring to a film like this is a unique perspective on action that comes from years of experience, intuitively feeling where to put the camera, knowing how far to push actors and the stunt performers, because you’ve been there. What were some advantages of making a big-budget action movie for Netflix?HEMSWORTH: I found that there was a lot of trust involved in allowing us to run with what we thought the story was. And I also agree that you don’t see many films like this anymore, where there’s an insane amount of hardcore, impressive action — but with a heartbeat at the center of it, too, and a nuance to the performances and characters.HARGRAVE: I definitely think making this film at Netflix was the only way this movie gets made at this time for this price.

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