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<em>Fear the Walking Dead</em> showrunners answer season premiere burning questions

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We want to be able to tell this complete story for Morgan, where he starts in a place where he thinks he&apos;s just hanging on to life long enough to do one little bit of good for Grace and the baby. And Ian, I&apos;ll ask you to piggyback off that a little bit of what Andrew was saying, because Morgan has always had very complicated feelings when it comes to killing. He was someone who had worked for Virginia, and through being inspired by finding Morgan&apos;s own videos of helping people in the world, that led to him leaving Virginia and finding the place that Morgan will now try and make a home.For Morgan, likewise, realized that the way he was operating in the world before, it wasn&apos;t going to work for him going forward. And we&apos;re going to see that evolution in action as the season goes on.So, for anyone wondering, Morgan’s stench of death is what made him immune to the zombies, correct?ANDREW CHAMBLISS: Yes, exactly. It&apos;s like, you’ve got a super-power, but it&apos;s only going to last for so long.ANDREW CHAMBLISS: Yeah, it&apos;s not exactly something anyone&apos;s going to try to replicate either.So then, I want to ask you guys about these few instances we see throughout the episode where you see the zombies passing right by Morgan. Why is he doing that?ANDREW CHAMBLISS: That is really about Morgan just trying to prove to himself that he&apos;s not gone yet. And I think it really, for Morgan, shows just how close he is to death.And particularly the first time we see him shout to the walker, Morgan doesn&apos;t want to die, because he hasn&apos;t finished what he thinks he needs to do for Grace and her child in setting up that water tower he has for her. Does the key have to do with the submarine or are those two separate things?IAN GOLDBERG: Yeah, you&apos;ll have to watch and find out, but that&apos;s a very good theory.Okay, each of you give me a tease for something that people are going to see in your next episode.ANDREW CHAMBLISS: Some of the stickiest walkers we&apos;ve ever seen.IAN GOLDBERG: I would say you&apos;re going to see Victor Strand step to the forefront, that is both a return to form for the morally-gray Strand that we have come to know, but also someone entirely new.Related content: 

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