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<em>Survivor: Edge of Extinction</em>?recap: Food for thought

Tribal Council
Stairmaster action?I
Schmergen Brawl

Big Wendy
Jeff Probst
Rick Devens
this?Kelley Wentworth
Kelly Wigglesworth
Again?A Scoop
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the Edge of Extinction


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First, there is Wendy, who wears a “Big Wendy” necklace, and told the press before the game that she would go by “Big Wendy,” and I have no idea why I keep putting “Big Wendy” in quotes, and yet everyone seems to only be calling her Wendy.Then there is Rick, who told the press he wanted to go by Devens, and yet then asked Jeff Probst at Tribal Council to be called “Rick Devens,” and why am I putting “Rick Devens” in quotes when that is the guy’s name, but then he was told by Probst “I’m not calling you Rick Devens — the inmates can’t run the asylum when it comes to names,” and yet Probst DOES call him Devens while his tribemates call him Rick. And can Kelly Wigglesworth please get a shout-out for appearing on Survivor: Second Chance, thereby elevating Kelley Wentworth to last name status to avoid duplicate name confusion?But clearly, the most troubling name inconsistency of the season centers on The Wardog. He was The Wardog.So where does Jeff Probst get off just calling him “Wardog”? Natural order of things, and all.) The other main point I’d like to make about this challenge is the color of Jeff Probst’s hat. Here are some fun facts about Big Wendy:• She was not planning to tell the other players her last name was Diaz because she was worried they would think she was related to Sandra Diaz-Twine.• She has had a stuffed animal named Scruffy for over 20 years that she slept with every night before heading out to the island.• She makes and sells short-shorts that say things across the butt like “One booty to rule them all” and “Let me Pikachu” (which also contains a little Pikachu with little binoculars on it).• She eats meat.That last fun fact is particularly germane in terms of this week’s episode. That’s because after Manu wins the reward, they get back to camp and a hobbled Wendy becomes increasingly upset as the others talk about killing one of the chickens to eat it. Not only does her ankle look like the entire cast played Schmergen Brawl on it, but now this poor vegetarian has to sit there while the others talk about how much they are going to enjoy killing and eating an animal. I certainly don’t want to make fun of Wendy for having problems killing and eating things. But, at the same time, I think we can all agree it is a bit odd for a meat eater to start proclaiming “All creatures deserve to live” and “I wish we were in a meatless word” if that person is putting down a dozen nuggets slathered in honey mustard sauce and clearly chooses to exist in a meat world.Maybe this is the big life-changing moment it takes for Wendy to never eat meat again, and if that is the case, more power to her. But, not unlike The Wardog said, if we find out later that she just went back and started scarfing down Big Macs and chili-cheese dogs then, well, her reaction may have been a bit much — especially when the worst thing you can do is create waves when you are already on the outs.But that’s the thing about Big Wendy that I have said all along.

As said here by Dalton Ross