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Emily Estefan reveals mom Gloria Estefan's shocking reaction to her coming-out story

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And while the Estefans are very public figures, they've mostly kept their personal lives within their circle of trust — at least until the recent launch of the Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk: The Estefans.Much like the original Red Table Talk created by Jada Pinkett-Smith, The Estefans is a family affair: Gloria is joined at the table by daughter Emily Estefan and niece Lili Estefan for raw, honest conversations about a variety of important topics that may prove beneficial to others going through similar circumstances.In an exclusive clip from episode 2, "Emily's Coming Out Story," Emily reveals that her mother was shocked to learn that her "miracle baby" was queer, and her initial reaction was to keep Emily from telling her grandmother, whom Gloria thought could die from the news."I came out to my parents like in 2017. Gloria and her husband, super-producer Emilio Estefan, were already parents to a son, Nayib Estefan, who is 15 years Emily's senior.That added a layer of pressure to be perfect throughout Emily's life — not just for her family, but for all the fans, too. "Life is difficult and you don't know what people's intentions are all the time. The baby starts dating somebody, even if it's Mickey Mouse, they still wouldn't think he's good enough!"Emily understands that not everyone will be happy watching this episode, but she's hopeful that viewers will understand how complex familial relationships can be."Fear is the opposite of love," she says after taking a deep breath.

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