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Ex-Google employee alleged drinking culture, harassment in Reddit post

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In the wake of complaints from its staff and subsequent to King's departure, Google pledged to improve the way it handles sexual-harassment allegations, and it ended a policy of forced arbitration for those making complaints.In the days since King posted to Reddit, a small number of current and former Googlers have shared King's account on Twitter and said they agreed with his claims of a heavy drinking culture within certain teams.Liz Fong-Jones, an engineer who worked at Google at the same time as King, wrote on Twitter that she could "personally corroborate many of the details in this story" but didn't elaborate.Three people close to King told Insider he had given them contemporaneous accounts of his negative experiences with Google — particularly referencing a drinking culture and the sexual-harassment allegations.It is still unusual for a rank-and-file Silicon Valley worker to go public with such serious claims, though a number of former Google staff members have described negative experiences while working there.Ross LaJeunesse, who quit as Google's head of international relations in May 2019, wrote a savage blog post in which he said that bullying and racist and homophobic overtones in meetings were common, and that he had been pushed out.

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