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Exclusive -- House GOP Plans Sustained Effort to Expose Leftist Democrats on Abortion

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Specifically, Republicans–as they have demonstrated for three consecutive legislative days–intend to push for a floor vote against Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wishes on a piece of legislation from Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) that would ensure babies who are born alive following an abortion attempt are given the same medical treatment and care any other newborn baby would receive.“Protecting innocent life shouldn’t be a partisan issue and it shouldn’t be difficult. Six Democrats crossed the aisle to join all the Republicans in the then-GOP-led-majority in January 2018 to pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The bill did not make it in the Senate.Now, with Democrats in control of the House of Representatives after the midterm elections, and with states like New York and Virginia among others pushing boundaries on abortion to extremes, the Republicans in Congress is rolling out a long-term push to force the Democrats to hold a vote on the bill. Wagner, the Congresswoman from Missouri who has taken up the Blackburn bill mantle in the House, told Breitbart News that she is “proud” to push for a vote on this critical legislation protecting babies who are born alive surviving abortions.“I was proud to introduce the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and help lead the discharge petition process to force a vote on this critical piece of legislation,” Wagner told Breitbart News. It also requires health officials to report any violations to law enforcement and penalizes intentional killing of born-alive children with various fines and up to five years in prison.Leadership officials in the House GOP conference told Breitbart News that until the Democrats schedule a floor vote on this, on every legislative day when the House is in session, a different House Republican will go to the floor and ask for unanimous consent to have a vote on the bill.Democrats have already blocked Republicans’ efforts three times. There will be a different member each day pushing for unanimous consent on Wagner’s bill until Pelosi’s Democrat leadership team, which remains steadfastly in favor of not protecting babies born alive, cracks and allows a vote.“This will force Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrat Majority to either go on record in blocking that request, or immediately proceed to passage of this important legislation,” a GOP leadership aide told Breitbart News.Republicans say they will not be deterred and are ready for the long haul if necessary, because they believe that when the House votes on this bill protecting babies, many Democrats will be forced to–as six of them did in early 2018 when the Blackburn version of the bill passed the House on a bipartisan vote under Republican control–vote against their party leadership’s increasingly more extreme position on abortion.Republicans are ready to take this request for unanimous consent on this bill to the floor, leadership aides say, every day that the House is in session for months and months–even more than a hundred days–if necessary.The effort began on Wednesday, the day after President Donald Trump’s State of the Union addres in the very same chamber, where the president asked Congress to pass legislation protecting the most innocent lives–newborn babies and the unborn. They’ll have an opportunity to do the right thing tomorrow when Republicans ask for a vote again.— Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) February 6, 2019According to a report in the Washington Post on Thursday, the GOP clearly views this as a winning issue politically–as it hands the Republicans the moral high ground on abortion, as the extremely radical view of killing a baby after he or she has been born–not when a baby is still in the womb–is so out there most of the country is aligned against it, even supporters of abortion.Scalise is quoted in that Post story as saying the New York and Virginia developments on the life issue seem to have “woke a sleeping giant”– the movement of people across the country disgusted, outraged, and driven to action to protect human life from Democrats who could care less about it or would go so far as to pass laws stretching abortion to radical extremes.The Northam comments hit America hard.

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