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Exclusive? Michael Malice on 'The Anarchist Handbook': 'We Should All Rejoice' that 'Gatekeepers to Culture' Are Losing Power

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… There’s a huge audience out there for people who are hungry for independent creators who are making it happen, and we should all rejoice that this is the case right now in America.”Malice remarked, “The accepted definition [of anarchy] is no government.” He noted that left-wing anarchism’s opposition to hierarchies is at odds with the human condition, given the organic nature of some hierarchies.He explained, “If you want to have the left-wing anarchist version in the European tradition, it’s going to say, ‘No hierarchy.’ I personally don’t understand how that is possible. So, let’s realize that these are people — just like everybody else — who are doing a job, and there’s no reason the market can’t do it better than what we have now.”Growing public awareness of governmental abuse — partly driven by an increasingly abusive government — offers an opening for growing popular subscription to anarchist philosophy, Malice assessed.“I think this path we’re on right now is not realistic, and I think anarchism — which is a free society — is much more realistic,” he said.

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