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Exclusive: Nearly 800 Military Family Members Sign Pro-Trump Letter

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Nearly 800 military family members — including Gold Star families — have signed an open letter to voice their support for President Donald Trump, in the face of attacks in the mainstream media on his patriotism and care for the military.The letter, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, states:Mr. President, there are hundreds of thousands of military spouses in this country who are forced into the silent majority. As conservative military Spouses, Veterans, and Family Members we refuse to remain silent in our ardent support for President Trump knowing that he holds the military community, of which we are a part, in great esteem.Oftentimes those voices who are the loudest attempt to convince everyone they speak for all, but we are here to stand up and be counted amongst those who refuse to have our voices silenced.Their letter reads in full as follows and is published below:An Open Letter to our PresidentDear Mr. President,While the noise of the left may be deafening, we want you to know that support for you among military families and our community is not lost. We had four years of your support and we look forward to four more years of having a Commander in Chief who loves and has a passion to lead our great nation.Sincerely,Conservative Military Spouses, Veterans, and FamiliesAn Open Letter to Our Presi… by Kristina WongTheir letter follows an anonymously-sourced report in the Atlantic that claimed the president disparaged fallen service members.Since that report, a number of veterans have come out to show their support for the president.On September 5, nearly 700 veterans wrote that their support for Trump remains unwavering because of his record of supporting the military and ending foreign wars.

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