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Exclusive ? Pence: 'Can?t Trust Joe Biden to Deal with the Pandemic'

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According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates, 60.8 million Americans contracted swine flu infections in the first year of that outbreak, from April 2009 to April 2010, while more than 273,000 were hospitalized but only 12,469 died.Pence said that Obama and Biden did not ban travel from Mexico during that time and that Biden’s own former chief of staff, Ron Klain, has said the U.S. was lucky that the swine flu was not as deadly as other viruses like the coronavirus; otherwise it would have been a mass casualty event. It just had to do with luck.As a result of all of this, as well as Biden opposing taking out Osama bin Laden and the Obama-Biden administration failing to rescue Kayla Mueller from ISIS, and more, Pence said Biden cannot be trusted to lead the United States through national security, economic, and public health crises.“We can’t trust Joe Biden to be in the Situation Room,” Pence told Breitbart News. He criticized President Trump’s decision to take out Qassem Soleimani and frankly we can’t trust him at the helm of our economy, and based on his record on swine flu, we can’t trust Joe Biden to deal with the pandemic.”Asked also about his answer during the debate last week with Harris when he laid out how Biden’s coronavirus plan just lifted—Pence used the word “plagiarized”—from things the Trump administration already did, Pence walked through several actions he oversaw as chairman of the White House Coronavirus Task Force since early this year.While Biden’s “plan” is just a rehash of the Trump plan, it does leave out several elements like the travel ban from China and Europe that Trump implemented—which Biden originally called “xenophobic”—and also avoided the issue of nursing homes. We shipped rapid test devices to nearly 15,000 nursing homes, and we just got new tests, these little rapid flip-card tests, and we prioritized nursing homes as well as well as other vulnerable populations like the Native American population.”Pence also pointed back to the so-called “playbook” that the previous administration—former President Barack Obama, and his vice president Biden—left behind for the Trump administration to deal with pandemics and noted there were serious flaws in it.“In their playbook—the Obama-Biden playbook that you don’t hear about much anymore because they may have taken a look at it and realized there’s not much there—they barely mention the private sector or nursing homes,” Pence told Breitbart News.

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