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While House Republicans, and for the most part, their colleagues in the Senate, have stood united against efforts to impeach President Trump, Savage cautions the upper chamber’s GOP members could ultimately join their Democrat counterparts in voting to remove the president.“They’ll go whichever way the wind blows,” Savage predicts, pointing to how Republican Senators have repeatedly broken their promises to voters, referencing their decades-old failure to secure the porous Southern border.“They’re quislings and are liable to go against [Trump] if push comes to shove. Under President Trump, the economy has added 5.1 million jobs, while unemployment has dropped to the lowest rate in nearly half a century.“They are lecturing us on jobs when Donald Trump is the greatest job creator in the history of America,” Savage states. Everyone who wants to work is working and everyone else is a damn bum.”Borders, Language, and Culture: A Clairvoyant Credo Savage has built a large and loyal audience based on many things: His farsighted, politically independent analysis and predictions; captivating storytelling; a no-nonsense, straight-talking demeanor; his dark humor; and his ability to weave culture and religion into any subject at any time. Yet, not even Savage, author of over 40 books, five of which are New York Times bestsellers, would argue that he is most famous for being the originator of the political philosophy: “Borders, Language and Culture.”Simply, without this trio of ingredients, it is impossible for a country to exist, let alone survive.“I created the Paul Revere society when I began in radio in 1994,” Savage says. Ask Chuck Schumer, Ask Dianne Feinstein, the devils of our time,” he adds.Savage then turns his attention to Schiff, who he says would never have been allowed to conduct secret depositions if American lawmakers governed the country upholding the tenets of B.L.C.“They want the nation to be broken over their knees so they can play with it like nutty-putty like Adam Schiff is doing with our Constitution,” he states. A low-life scumbag could never be where he is in a nation where people understand the founding documents and the language of the land.”Savage — who holds master’s degrees in anthropology and ethnobotany from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Ph.D in nutritional ethnomedicine from University of California, Berkeley — then draws on his extensive background of as trained biologist to explain B.C.L. in scientific terms.“The essence of every living thing is the cell, where it be a plant cell or an animal cell. Unsurprisingly, Savage has raised the alarm regarding the Red Dragon, and despite President Trump’s historic efforts to reverse Beijing’s unfair trade policies, he does not share the president’s optimism that a deal with the world’s second-largest economy is reachable.“It’s a smokescreen,” Savage says of the president’s ongoing negotiations with China. I’m not optimistic at all,” he goes on.He then points to North Korea’s recent missile tests as an another example of how President Trump’s efforts to reach agreements with adversaries have yet to come to fruition, raising the prospect that the Swamp could quietly torpedo such deals.“I think it’s going to be another smokescreen like the peace deal with North Korea. If “Uncle Mike,” as he is known to long-time listers, could issue any decrees of his choice for 24 hours as mayor, what issues would he tackle to stop the decay?The foundational issues: Education, healthcare and illegal immigration, of course.“A struggling family who was working could see there children going through school to the highest level at a very low cost,” Savage says of the San Francisco public schools when he first moved to the city. Savage, a noted dogfather of a poodle named “Teddy,” says the Trump administration should be protecting animals or risk turning off millions of educated suburban women across the country.“It’s a very important issue. It’s not only important to me,” Savage says. “I believe this, and people may not know this, is they say President Trump’s support among educated suburbanite women has languished a bit. Most educated people know you can’t slaughter everything on the planet and pave over all the wilderness and call it American greatness.”The Importance of Art in a Savage LifeAndrew Breitbart’s main thesis was politics is downstream from culture. I have the same passion for the subjects that I have.”Savage Reflects on Life as a Conservative in San Francisco SpeechOn October 29th, Savage delivered a rare speech at the University Club of San Francisco, where he mused for roughly an hour about everything from politics to culture; fashion, jokes, and personal anecdotes about President Trump and were sprinkled through his remarks before an engaged and lively audience. It started out with 15-20 people, but of course, I don’t do many live performances, and it sold out rapidly,” he says. I doubt it,” Savage says.“I entitled the event as ‘Life as a Conservative in San Francisco.’ I gave the people one hour of entertainment. They just exclude people,” he adds.The Savage Truth Although Savage has spent the last 25 years fighting for America every day on the airwaves, the radio host has his doubts about whether the country can continue on the path it’s on.“No, I’m pessimistic,” Savage says bluntly.

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