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Exclusive: Walgreens Pharmacy coding error results in under-reporting of 59,000 COVID-19 test results statewide

The Texas Department of State Health Services
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the Texas Department of State Health Services

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However, all of the numbers could be skewed, according to City-County Health Director Annette Rodriguez.The daily numbers for the week of August 10 through August 16 reflected the number of cases collected by our local health department, as well as numbers sent down from the state in what has been called a 'data dump.'None of those state results, which were included in our daily COVID-19 positive results, were even from this month.This revelation brings one very important question to mind -- are the numbers right? The plan is to try and show everyone the state numbers collected and then our county numbers the health department counted for the day until this data dump is complete."To keep up with this every day is taking some time so what we're saying is we're going to separate them to say everybody knows these numbers came from the state, these are the numbers we have we're trying to figure out where they actually go," Rodriguez said.

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